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We Specialize In Behavior Management Training! 
Helping agencies working with people with Mental Health, Substance Abuse, or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities! 
NCI + is an approved curriculum in North Carolina!


Our Prevention Certification course is designed for all people providing care to others. This course focuses on the development of communication skills, relationship building, skills needed to identify escalating behaviors, and content designed to teach staff the importance of understanding those they support. At NCI+ (National Crisis Interventions Plus) we seek to provide person centered care and partner it with easily understandable teaching situations and techniques. This allows the skills learned to be applied in situations staff may encounter when placed in a support role.


Our Defensive Techniques allow the staff being attacked to block attack attempts and move to a safer position. These techniques give staff the skills needed to protect themselves from common punches and grabs, while not placing hands on the person in a restrictive manner. Many times utilization of prevention skills and good defensive skills can help staff deescalate difficult or stressful situations before escalation to more dangerous levels can occur.


Our Restrictive Techniques enable staffs to use their hands to gain release or secure the person exhibiting extreme aggression towards staff or others. Attack seems harsh, and not as person centered. If using attack, perhaps coupling with aggression as well. At NCI+ (National Crisis Interventions Plus) we require that restrictive techniques be used in the least restrictive and safest manner possible. Restrictive Techniques are emergency techniques of last resort. They are to be used to ensure the safety of persons receiving support and the staff supporting them. These techniques should never be used as consequences or punishment. Restrictive techniques are only to be used to ensure the safety of the person or others.

About Our Company

NCI+ (National Crisis Interventions Plus) officially started training our first Instructors in 2017. These instructors were previously NCI (North Carolina Interventions) Instructors who had known the four of us as  NC DMH/DD/SAS (North Carolina Interventions Quality Assurance Committee Members) previously through the NC Division of Mental Health,

Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. With a combined experience of over 100 years in Behavior Management Training and Administration we believe we have the background and knowledge to help agencies implement this training throughout the United States.

If you would like to have your State added to locations of service please contact Archie Pertiller at


NCI+ (National Crisis Interventions Plus)  owners have over 100 years of combined experience training in North Carolina behavior management courses.

Rob Thornton is a past Chairman of the NCI (North Carolina Interventions) Quality Assurance Committee and trainer at The Murdoch Developmental Center and for private providers. His career in Human Services spans over 46 years.

Archie Pertlller is a past Chairman of the NCI (North Carolina Interventions) Quality Assurance Committee with 23 years at JFK Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center and worked at the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center in Black Mountain NC for 4 years.

Bryan Greene is a past Chairman of the NCI (North Carolina Interventions)  Quality Assurance Committee with 30 years experience working at the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center in Black Mountain NC.

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